Zoraida Kincaid
Zoraida earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology from Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. Previously, Zoraida worked as a certified Project Manager in a healthcare setting. She is passionate about the health and well-being of her clients which she demonstrates by utilizing community resources to improve their outcomes. While balancing a busy home and professional life, Zoraida is working towards a health coaching certificate and MSW.  Joining One Sensible Solution as an student intern, she continues to work with the team after receiving her degree. She currently executes tasks in case management, supervised visitations and tutoring

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Marcus Jackson 

Marcus has 10 years of professional experience in working with school age children, six of which as a director for a local child care agency. He also has volunteered his time as a mentor to middle and high schoolers for six consecutive years.  Marcus is extremely passionate about helping young people become assets to their families and communities, but most importantly themselves.  Marcus is an alumni of Saint Joseph's College where he earned his Bachelor's degree in Sports Management.  Aside from positively impacting the youth, Marcus aslo enjoys playing basketball, drawing, and day trading.